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Chancery Investment Partners is a new service offering tax-efficient private equity investments and corporate finance services to its member base of Registered Investors and to new investors and their advisors attracted to what we offer.

Tax-efficient Investments
Our principal focus is on providing tax-efficient access for private investors to high quality investment opportunities in UK private companies. We have extensive experience of having completed and actively managed many private equity investments for many private investors in recent years.

In short, we do everything for the investor who is looking to make his or her own investment decisions – with no requirement to commit to any form of fund. The investment opportunities generally offer the attractive tax savings available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘EIS’).

Investing through the EIS offers:

  • 30% income tax-savings
  • Tax-free capital gains after 3 years
  • Scope to make 40% Inheritance Tax savings after a 2-year holding period

We find the investment propositions, conduct comprehensive due diligence in every case, manage each deal through to completion and report to investors regularly thereafter. Basically, the service you would expect from a conventional fund manager – but an approach which offers so much more choice and flexibility. Invest in what you choose to, when you want to and at a level that suits you, but commit to pretty well nothing until you see an opportunity that appeals to you.

We specialise in offering access to more mature companies, particularly those seeking development capital or funding for a management buy-out. Whilst we major on helping investors to maximise EIS tax saving benefits, we do not allow this to constrain the ways in which we structure our investment offers. This can mean that some of our offers will feature non-qualifying instruments, such as high-yielding loans – attractive when deposit interest rates are so low.


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Corporate Finance
Coming from private equity investment and corporate finance backgrounds, our partners have wide experience of business planning and fund-raisings for private companies and the acquisition and sale of many businesses.

Accessing CIP Offers

To access our investment offers, an investor must become a ‘Registered Investor’.

To join as a Registered Investor, you must qualify as a self-certified high net worth individual and/or a self-certified sophisticated investor under FCA guidelines (click here for details).

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Helping private investors to invest in established private companies with the added benefit of highly attractive tax-savings.

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